Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Compare what are they? Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: This compact spright blue or firefly light projector claims to work on different types of surfaces including walls and trees to ensure that you have brilliant landscape lighting results.

Sparkle Magic: It is Emerald Dust Green illuminating laser light that promises to take your indoor and outdoor lighting to a whole new level altogether thanks to its green laser light that’s the most vibrant on trees and other surfaces.


Compare what it does? Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: It creates a versatile landscape lighting effect, which is either spright blue or firefly, and avoids the need for the regular tedious lighting solutions.


Sparkle Magic: It has been designed keeping in mind ease of use with the illuminator being a high tech, single source laser light, which allows you to cast colourful lights on any surface.


Compare Features: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: Firstly, the projector is very easy to install and you can get the job done in few minutes. It gives you the option of thousands of pinpoint laser lights, which can be displayed on your walls, trees and even the pool to create a stunning effect. You have the option of having fairy lights on the wall or firefly design, with the help of firefly light transformer that can be easily plugged into a standard US 110 volt outlet. The projector is weather resistant and operates at temperatures as low as -15 degrees F.

Sparkle Magic: With a flexible stem and base, this light is very easy to install and get started with. The manual, adjustable dial can help you produce seven different lighting effects. It is made out of durable components and has been built ground up to be lightweight, as it weighs about 3 ounces. It can work between 14 to 104 degree F, making it ideal for different weather conditions and a smart alternative to the traditional lighting sources.


Compare Colors: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: It has a gorgeous blue light colour that adds to the options you have for landscape lighting.

Sparkle Magic: It gives out the stunning green light, which is the most vibrant of the laser lights out there today.


Do the lights move?

Blisslights: The lights don’t move.

Sparkle Magic: No, the lights don’t move.


Compare Material: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: The lights are made out of durable aluminum material, which also makes them weather resistant.

Sparkle Magic: It is made using durable components, including an aluminum housing that ensures it is weather resistant.


Compare Area Covered: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: These lights give coverage of around 900 square feet.

Sparkle Magic: The lights give coverage of around 625 square feet from about 35 ft distance.


Compare Bulb Life: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: No information.

Sparkle Magic: No information.


Compare Wattage: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: It is less than 5 mW.

Sparkle Magic: It is less than 5 mW.


Compare Price: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: You can buy these lights for $149.25 each.

Sparkle Magic: You can buy the lights for $119.00.


Compare Warranty: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights: You get these lights with a 12 month standard warranty on part and manufacturing defects.

Sparkle Magic: It has a one year warranty on any kind of part and manufacturing defects in these lights.


Does it have adjustable lamp head?

Blisslights: Yes.

Sparkle Magic: Yes.


Verdict – While both the lights are almost comparable on their functioning, we like the fact that Sparkle Magic lights give you more lighting options with the more vibrant green light. These lights are also cheaper than Blisslights, which is why for us Sparkle Magic is the winner.


Compare Reviews: Blisslights vs Sparkle Magic

Blisslights REVIEW

Not flawless as expected – Aaron who bought Blisslights complained in his review that though they work well there are problems that crop up. He was initially impressed with the lighting results and found the unit to be sturdy but unfortunately the wiring is quite flimsy. When the lights are weather resistant you would expect the wiring to be as well but it isn’t and he had to purchase connectors. But according to him the biggest problem with these lights is that they don’t all work at the same intensity. He found that two of the units were a lot dimmer than the others. The shell of the unit has a tag saying if you remove, which you might want to for focusing the lens, then the warranty is void. So now he has no option but to use the bright lights in the front of the house and the dim ones on the side. He was hoping for better customer service from the seller since he had spent a lot of money on the lights but that wasn’t the case either.

Don’t work well for outdoor use – Matthew who reviewed Blisslights revealed in his review that indeed the lights create a colourful atmosphere but you can’t use them just about anywhere. They are better for indoor use around the accents or maybe for really small outdoor decorations. Of course the idea behind the lights is great because you can save the hassle of putting up Christmas lights, but they are just not strong enough to be an alternative exterior lighting option. He has three of these lights pointed at his house from a 20 feet distance, but you have to stand in front of it to see them. With Christmas lights you can get an effect that can be seen from the end of the street. According to him the green light is the brightest, the blue is medium and red is quite dim. He adds that if you want to get the bright light effect seen in the videos then you might have to use about 12 of these lights, which can be a very expensive proposition. Overall, he believes these lights are a smart option for indoor use.

Work well, but cheaply built – Alan who used Blisslights exposed in his review that he liked the light effect he got with them but it is not very well made. The plastic bolt that connects the light housing to the stake broke rather quickly. He couldn’t understand why when everything else was made out of metal, the bolt, which is an important component is made out of plastic. He also found that there was inconsistency in terms of brightness of the lights. Some of the lights are bright while other units are quite dim, which don’t create a uniform effect that he was expecting. He just wishes that they had paid more attention to the making of these lights, which are otherwise well worth the money.


Sparkle Magic REVIEW

Timer issues – Peter who used Sparkle Magic complained in his review that he bought the lights to use them all year around with the help of a timer. He followed the instructions to the T and also tried to work with different types of timers but nothing seemed to work well. Wall switch timers, whether they are digital or mechanical, don’t seem to work with the laser. When the switch is off, the light will pulse on/off. You need a completely mechanical timer where you can plug it into an outlet and have movable tabs in a circle before placing the light. If you want to use the light with timer outside, you will need a huge weather proof box that will keep a plug receptacle, timer and light line transformer safe. Otherwise the light in itself gives off nice patterns that he was happy with. He talked about the timer issues with the customer service department of the company and they gave the impression that they understood the problem. They also asked him to write an email describing the problem but he is yet to hear from them and has a feeling that he won’t either.

Not really weatherproof – Ian who bought Sparkle Magic exposed in his review that the lights didn’t function as expected when the weather dropped. He had bought four of them but when the temperature dropped below 40 degrees F, three of them went very dim. He called the customer service department and was glad that they sent replacements at the earliest. But the problem was that two of the three replacement lights showed the same problem in cold weather. That’s why he believes that the lights are not really weather proof as they claim to be. He wishes they were forthright about it because he would have then bought lights that are more suitable for those weather conditions.

Not worth the price – Annette who reviewed Sparkle Magic revealed in her review that while the classic version of the lights worked well, the compact version was a complete disaster. She used it in the yard and could barely see any light on her house. There are some other issues with the lights according to her. To begin with, the plug is a part of the power adapter, which means you have to plug the entire thing into the outdoor outlet. That is very difficult even with a large in-use cover because there is also the connector to the low voltage cable, which leads to the light at the bottom of the whole unit. Using an extension cord is an option but that leaves the area where two connect, unprotected from weather conditions. She didn’t want to deal with these design issues when she had paid a lot of money for these lights. According to her you can get much cheaper options at Home Depot or other neighborhood stores and they are quite functional, while some of them give more intense light as well. Hence she sees no point in spending a lot of money on these lights, which are not worth the price for her.

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