Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Compare what is it? Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Better Back
It is designed to help sit in the correct posture and trains the back of individuals to get used to it even when not wearing the device. Better Back is very easy to use and portable so that one can simply travel with it anywhere. It forces the spine to come into the natural shape to relieve stress on the spine.

Nada Chair
It is created with a single purpose to help support and provide enough back rest to women suffering from lower back pain especially during pregnancy. In fact, it is cushioned and padded with twice the thickness as the next-in-line S’portBacker.

Verti Back
The unique design of Verti Back helps in eliminating slouching by supporting the lower back while correcting the posture and helping sit upright. It is portable so can be used almost everywhere and its folding feature helps in using it at office trips, home and outdoor and indoor areas to serve as an amazing posture correcting harness.


Compare what does it do? Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Better Back
Users have to use it for as little as 15 minutes a day for training their backs into alignment. It helps in providing great posture while standing and sitting and can be even worn for entire days for those suffering from back pain. It is designed with next-gen ideation that considers stabilization of pelvis while restoring the spine’s natural curvature and providing proper lumbar support. Better Back assures to boost mood, confidence and motivates the users as a result of a great posture.

Nada Chair
It has a very highly regarded design that can be used by computer users to sit upright with ultimate comfort for all day long. Nada Chair is so effective that its premier device, the Back-Up, is even launched into the space for astronauts to relieve their micro-G induced back pains.

Verti Back
It is a posture correcting harness that helps in aligning the back while seated or outdoors as it even works as a back brace. It adequately adjusts the posture and provides back support to take away pressure from the legs and knees as well so that there is no additional pressure running to the lower back. The flexibility to control the pressure using the straps helps in customizing it per user and their requirement.


Compare how does it work? Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Better Back
It helps in improving health and if Better Back is used for at least 1 hour a day it retrains the body and puts it in a habit of auto-posture correction even when not in use. The stabilization of pelvis helps in keeping the pressure off the back and reduces the slouching posture. It fits in a chair and even on a bench or a floor with its ergonomic design. One has to simply use it in a location where they are sitting.

Nada Chair
The Nada-Chair literally is a chair that the user wears. It can be put on for hours of use and acts as an extra muscle that never tires. The knees stabilize the pelvis providing muscle relief as a result of the isometric workout. In simple terms the pelvis is rocked back in the position gently to maintain the posture without making any extra effort from the user’s end. This way the natural curve of the pelvis is restored with enough cushioning. Meditators and large framed individuals can also benefit from its functioning.

Verti Back
The idea behind Verti Back’s easy to use design is to help reduce backaches by taking off the stress caused by improper posture on the lower body. It eases the strain and even reduces backaches to avert possibly more serious health problems that can stem from it.


Compare features? Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Better Back
The most impressive feature that Better Back claims to have is that it makes an ergonomic chair out of any ordinary chair at an affordable cost. It is designed to be portable and fits right into a purse or a backpack to take along anywhere. It relieves back pain easily and effortlessly with posture correction provided in as less as 5 seconds time. It is a tech-free device without any need to charge, download or sync. Users can use it any way they want and customize it as per their requirement. The back pad can be adjusted higher up for hitting the perfect spot and works for any type of seats. In fact it even functions even while sitting cross-legged for extra comfort.

Nada Chair
It has instant back support feature that gently pulls the back into alignment and provides relief whenever and wherever required. It has accessory Cush Shins that disperses the leaning weight while using it. The accessory stretch straps lengthen the loop to get the feet into play. The ergo-dynamic design offers dynamic support and requires no other external means to provide back support and posture correction. It can fit all sizes including children to large-sized adults. It can be carried in its pouch that together weighs only ounces.

Verti Back
The amazing design of Verti Back relieves the back pain and corrects slouching as soon as it is put on. It folds easily and can be used for almost every place including office, fishing trip, ball-games, yoga classes or sipping a cold one on the patio. The material used in it is of high-quality and padded to provide extra-comfort while in use. The straps and buckles function optimally for each user with options to fully adjust it to accommodate anyone, any chair, bench or even the floor. Additionally it is physiotherapist approved for being a good back brace.


Compare how long to be worn? Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Better Back
One can wear it for just 15 minutes a day to retrain the body to default posture. It helps in providing great posture while seated as well as while standing. It even helps in easing as well as preventing back pain.

Verti Back
Users can wear Verti Back for as little as 20 minutes every day. It will eventually force the body to get into the habit of sitting in good posture and remain straight-up even while not using it.

Nada Chair
The users can start feeling relief in as little as 2 to 5 minutes of wearing Nada Chair. One can wear it for prolonged periods too with occasional varying the pressure of the straps to even get some leg stretching.


Compare price? Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Better Back

Nada Chair

Verti Back


Compare Reviews? Better Back vs Nada Chair vs Verti Back

Better Back REVIEW

Better Back Pros
One user who used Better back says that the posture correction provided by Better Back is pretty impressive with complete retraining of the back taking place within weeks. It can help maintain focus at work and even increasing productivity and confidence. It also helps in positively lifting up the mood and energy levels throughout the day. Better posture allows user to be confident in making eye contact and builds up better relationship at home and at work. Another user who tried Better Back says it does feel a bit weird while using it initially but once in the rhythm, users get accustomed to it quickly.

Better Back Cons
Another user who used Better Back reveals the zipper and cushion paddings are of good quality but there are threads coming apart on its edges. Even after less use or when traveled with the threads are pulled and is falling apart. The adjusting buckles are located near the bottom straps instead of the top straps, which makes it inaccessible at times if users are no seated in an open-sided bench or stool. So Better Back can be really difficult to adjust and wear in a closed-sided chair, an office chair with arms or while on an airplane. One other user who bought Better Back complains it has no waist belt so it needs to be re-fitted once someone gets up and sits back down unlike some other braces that cling to the body and don’t need re-adjustment. In fact the user has to keep on adjusting the device all the time. A whole-day use means small adjustments are to be made to compensate for every subconscious shift in body weight from one place to another.

One user who used Better Back says there is a minor issue noticed in the build of its webbing which is sturdy yet very soft for application. Users might have a hard time untwisting the webbing and or on the knee pad often as it does not have any rigidity and jams in every time it is stowed away. The lower strap ends have two plastic pieces of each side that supposedly should be securing or hiding the strap ends but doesn’t really work and hangs loose for some odd reason. The plastic sidings may even hide the ends making it difficult to grab it when one needs to tighten it up. The device puts pressure only around the 2” webbing wraps around the tibia which is smaller and taller making it not effective when it comes to cover the knee with its pad to disperse the pressure. Plus the foam used in the circular knee pad is less dense.

Another user who bought Better Back complains of knee pain due to extended use. The user suggests moving it lower or higher on the legs to ease out the pain. The back problems did ease out but the increased knee pain caused unrest which went away after quitting it. One can simply use thick gel inserts to pad the knee furthermore. Also the distribution of weight across the knee is important while the padding stays on. The straps although will still be inefficient on people with long and larger legs as the straps may simply dig into the leg and loosening it up will beat the purpose of wearing it in the first place.


Nada Chair REVIEW

Nada Chair Pros
One user who used Nada Chair reveals that it is highly superior to all the other back supports available in the market. It has a great design that supports the back and aligns the spine with better anchoring of the lower back area. It is also good at relieving the pressure and stress in the neck and shoulders which is equally important for achieving a perfect posture. It also comes with Cush Shins that makes it even more comfortable on the knees. Another user who used Nada Chair says it is highly comfortable and praises the excellent lower-back support that it provides. It works perfectly well even while sitting on the floor. The design is easy to use while setting up, putting on and equally a breeze when it comes to folding up and carrying it. It is powerfully designed with well-constructed parts and yet is simplistic and low-key.

Nada Chair Cons
One user who bought Nada Chair complaints that it did not prove to be beneficial and value for the money it came for. The user wore it for a longer period of time, about more than 15 minutes in total. Even though the knee pad design did the work as promised there was still a visible slouch that existed. It does push the lower back to help sit up straight but the user had to put effort and it does not provide actual support to the point that it completely automates the posture correction for a erect sitting pose. With lower back pain due to give desiccated discs and three bulging ones the comfort provided by Nada Chair is less than satisfactory.

Another user who used Nada Chair claims that it does have good lumbar support but simply takes away the circulation in the legs. The legs went to sleep while in use and cramped up the hips when it was used for as less as 10 minutes or so. For those having low blood pressure can suffer more because the cut-off in circulation means the blood flow dips making the condition worse. The idea of providing posture in Nada Chair is by using the knees and pushes them back and out. So if someone has a back pain caused by tight hip flexors and thigh abductors results in a damaging effect by tilting the anterior of the pelvis and making it worse. Which means it isn’t meant for everyone and isn’t a universal solution for people suffering from lower back pain.


Verti Back Review

Verti Back Pros
A user who used Verti Back says that it is quite interesting and impressive. It did help in straightening the posture without straining the body. It sits perfectly well and works easily and quickly when put on. The material is thoughtfully used with design that makes the pads extra soft and comfortable. The use of synthetic fabric further enhances the comfort. The edges are sturdier to keep it in place using reinforced folded fabric. The straps are also highly comfortable with braided fabric and clips made out of sturdy and reliable ABS plastic. The adjustable feature also functions very well and the clips went in and out without difficulty regardless of the number of times it is used. Over all it is a great device to help in correcting posture while standing and sitting with results that last for a long term.

Verti Back Cons
One user who bought Verti Back complains that the straps on Verti Back don’t work properly enough and has a very tight tension. This puts a lot of pressure and can even hurt while putting it on. The user doubts whether its design does not suit the body type of user. The setup is pretty awkward too as compared to other ones but could have been overlooked if it was comfortable to use. Another user who used Verti Back doubts whether its design suits the purpose and received a device that has straps on backwards. It was noticed that the design was required to twist the straps in order to use it as per the instructions provided in the manual. Over all it just took away the enthusiasm of using it and rendered as useless. The user also found that Verti Back restricts the movement of the body once it is put on which hampers a lot of activities. It even stops users from getting up once in a while and improve the blood circulation in the body. It’s because once someone gets up they need to re-adjust and re-fit the device in place to make it working again which can be a painful task.

Another user who used Verti Back says that it is designed so poorly that it can be used only by a child or a small person. Even for someone with 5’2” height and an average build it does not fit the way it should be. The straps are short and do not go around the knees which is very important for its proper functioning. And if somehow the user gets it around the knees it is difficult to move and can even cause panic attack due to increased constraints.

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  1. I bought a ‘Nada Chair’ MANY years ago (when they 1st became available?) It works very well (as advertised & intended)…My knees do become a bit numb eventually at times BUT by just shifting the padded knee/shin pads a bit provides relief of any numbness. This product “is marvelous” AND the original back-support device of this type, on the market…Kudos to Nada Chair!

  2. Eliza Zombonetti | September 28, 2016 at 7:29 am | Reply

    BetterBack is $59 and a far superior product!

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