Bavarian Edge vs Bavarian Edge Deluxe vs Brod and Taylor

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Compare what is it? Bavarian Edge vs Bavarian Edge Deluxe vs Brod and Taylor

Bavarian Edge, Bavarian Edge Deluxe and Brod and Taylor all are the knife sharpeners that sharpens dull and damaged blades of all kinds of knives. They perform three different sharpening techniques – coarse sharpening (only for very dull or nicked knives), honing, and polishing. It is an absolute best way to keep the knives sharp without removing metal, taking just seconds to keep all your knives razor sharp and straight


Compare how does it work? Bavarian Edge vs Bavarian Edge Deluxe vs Brod and Taylor

The process of sharpening, re aligning or polishing is done by keeping the knife at an angle suitable for you. Move the knife in the direction as if you are cutting something, press lightly for slicing blade and press harder for sturdy chopping blade. In addition the two independent spring-action sharpeners made up of ultra hard tungsten carbide aids in by flexing and contouring to any blade or angle for perfect edge in no time.


Compare Material: Bavarian Edge vs Bavarian Edge Deluxe vs Brod and Taylor

Bavarian Edge – Tungsten Carbide

Bavarian Edge Deluxe – Tungsten Carbide infused with micro diamond particles that makes knives harder and stronger.

Brod and Taylor – Solid stainless steel and Austrian-made tungsten-carbide


Compare Safety Features: Bavarian Edge vs Bavarian Edge Deluxe vs Brod and Taylor

Sharp knives may cause serious injuries and that is why it is necessary to have full concentration while working with knives. Do not let your hand come in the way of moving blade or check the sharpness using your fingers instead try to cut an object which will give you proper judgement of the sharpness. Also use the sharpener only on flat, stable surface. Carefully clean the knife blade before and after sharpening. Follow the instructions as given to avoid inconvenience or accident of any kind.


What type of knives does it sharpen?

Bavarian Edge and Bavarian Edge Deluxe

  • Japanese knives
  • Chef knives
  • Serrated knives
  • Boning knives
  • Paring knives
  • Cleavers

Brod and Taylor – smooth and serrated knives


Compare Price

Bavarian Edge – $19.99

Bavarian Edge Deluxe – $29.98

Brod and Taylor – $119


Compare Warranty/Guarantee

Bavarian Edge – Lifetime Money back guarantee.

Bavarian Edge Deluxe – Lifetime Money back guarantee.

Brod and Taylor – 30 day money back guarantee.


Compare Pros and Cons: Bavarian Edge vs Bavarian Edge Deluxe vs Brod and Taylor

Bavarian Edge Pros

  • Independent spring action arms make knives razor sharp in seconds.
  • Perfect for smooth or serrated knives.
  • Made of ultra tough Tungsten Carbide that flexes and contours to any blade or angle.


Bavarian Edge Cons

  • Available online only.
  • It may break because of constant and high pressure use.


Bavarian Edge Deluxe Pros

  • Sharpens, hones and polishes dull knives in seconds.
  • Suitable for standard, serrated and beveled blades.
  • Two independent spring-action arms made of tungsten carbide to contour knife’s edge.
  • Compact in size hence easy for storage.


Bavarian Edge Deluxe Cons

  • Available online only.
  • It may break because of constant and high pressure use.


Brod and Taylor Pros

  • It is quick in sharpening the knives.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sharpens almost all types of knives.
  • It has a feature of auto adjust to blade angle up to 12-20 degrees.
  • Enhances the knives without removing metal.
  • Highest quality sharpener.


Brod and Taylor Cons
The only negative reviews about the product is because of there are many other sellers other than Brod & Taylor selling similar knife sharpeners but of cheap quality and in too less price as


Compared to the original Brod and Taylor. So be wise and check the dealers while ordering the item.



Bavarian Edge and Bavarian Edge Deluxe are almost same only difference is that in deluxe has micro diamonds particles infused in it that makes knives strong. You can buy it on as well as on the official website: Even though they are affordable it is not durable and does not sharpens the knives that well. Whereas Brod and Taylor on the other hand, is sturdy, durable professional knife and works exactly as advertised as per the verified customers. The negative comments surrounding it is because there are a lot of plastic fakes being sold by various dealers on Amazon. Here’s a clue to not get fooled in buying the fake product: This sharpener costs $120. These are NOT sold for $19.95!! Though expensive, it is totally worth the buy and would definitely recommend to go for Brod and Taylor as an alternative over Bavarian Edge and Bavarian Edge Deluxe. Bavarian Edge and edge deluxe or Brod and Taylor are not the only knives sharpening items available on the market you can search for more options on the online selling site which suits you the best.


Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Review Video


Brad and Taylor Knife Sharpener Review Video

1 Comment on "Bavarian Edge vs Bavarian Edge Deluxe vs Brod and Taylor"

  1. These sharpeners are very similar and yield very identical results. Bottom line is this:

    Bavarian is low cost, but the frame is flimsy and breaks (not the actual sharpening element, which should tell you that if the frame doesn’t break, it would definitely be a very nice device to use.

    The Brod is very well built, won’t give you any issues with breaking and falling apart, but the trade off is, you get what you pay for. It’s sturdy.

    You can gamble and get a bavarian, and TRY not to put too much pressure on it (ending up breaking it), and if you can make it last for a long time, more power to you. But if it breaks, it’s cheap to buy a new one anyway. Another plus is that, most people out there aren’t too keen on how to actually sharpen knives. They’ll end up ruining the sharpening element by pulling or pressing recklessly. Better to ruin a cheap sharpener after a few months of use and buy a new one for cheap again, rather than ruin a very expensive that you probably don’t wanna buy another after.. buy cheap, be careful, it should have a good shelf life.

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