Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Compare what is it? Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam: It is a lightweight and ultra bright tactical flashlight that claims to be one of the one of most powerful on the earth and ensures that you won’t be left in the dark anymore.

Bell + Howell Tac Light: It is a tactical light that is used by military, law enforcement and fire rescue, and claims to be 22 times brighter than your regular flashlights.

Shadowhawk: It is an extremely powerful tactical flashlight with substantial light spread and superior construction to make it ideal for camping, fishing, fire rescue and self-defense as well.


Compare how does it work? Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam: Unlike regular flashlights of 125 Lux, this tactical flashlight gives out 5000 Lux, which makes it 40 times brighter for you. You have the option of using the focus feature to get the super bright light from miles away. At the same time its powerful strobe can stun any intruder. It has 2000 times zoom function too. It is lightweight but also sturdy and can brighten any night.

Bell + Howell Tac Light: For starters, it claims to be 22 times brighter than your regular flashlights and can be seen from 2 nautical miles away. It is compact and lightweight and works under water or even when frozen. Five preset modes offer you flexibility to use it when camping, in emergency situations or to stun intruders. The bulbs last 100,000 hours, and the flashlight comes with a lifetime warranty.

Shadowhawk: At the heart of this tactical flashlight is 800 lumens XPE light bulb, which makes it quite powerful and ideal for fire rescue, military, law enforcement and other functions. With its five preset modes it can be used based on your requirements. It also has a powerful zoom and is water resistant and shockproof. It is known for its sturdy construction but at the same time its lightweight making it convenient for use in different situations. It has a lamp life of 100,000 hours.


Compare Luminosity (Lumens): Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam: It has a luminosity of up to 5000 Lux.

Bell + Howell Tac Light: It has been rated as high as 600 lumens.

Shadowhawk: It has powerful 800 lumens output.


Compare Illumination Range: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam: With its focus feature you can see the super bright light from miles away.

Bell + Howell Tac Light: You get super bright light from up to 2 nautical miles away.

Shadowhawk: It is so bright and powerful that you can see it from miles away.


Compare Power Source: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam: Battery (AAA or LI-ION)

Bell + Howell Tac Light: Battery (AAA or LI-ION)

Shadowhawk: Battery (AAA or LI-ION).


Compare Battery: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam – It uses 3 AAA batteries or 1 Lithium ion battery (In Deluxe Model).

Tac Light: Regular model uses 3 AAA batteries while upgraded model uses rechargeable battery.

Shadowhawk: It uses 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable premium Lithium ion battery.


Compare Battery Life: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam: Under regular use the battery can last for up to a few hours.

Bell + Howell Tac Light: Batteries can last up to few hours.

Shadowhawk: Average battery life is about 6 hours.


Is it rechargeable?

Atomic Beam, Tac Light and Shadowhawk are all rechargeable.



Compare material: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam, Tac Light and Shadowhawk are all made using high grade aircraft aluminum, which makes them super sturdy and strong.


Compare Beam Patterns/Mode: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam, Tac Light and SuperHawk have five preset modes – high, medium, low, strobe and S. O. S functions. That’s why they can be used for everything, from camping to stunning intruders and emergency situations.


Compare Dimensions: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam – Length – 5.25” and width 1.50” at its widest point.

Bell + Howell Tac Light – No information.

Shadowhawk – 5.5 x 1.5 x 1.1 inches


Compare Weight: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam – 1.38 lbs.

Tac Light – It claims to be lightweight.

Shadowhawk – It is lightweight and weighs 7.8 ounces.


Compare Price: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam and Tac Light can be bought for $19.99 + + $9.99 S/h.

Shadowhawk: It is priced at $45.99.


Where to buy?

Atomic Beam is available only at the official Telebrands website:

Bell + Howell Tac Light is available ONLY at the official Bell + Howell website:

ShadowHawk is available at


Verdict: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

All three tactical flashlights are built around the same principle and are versatile for use. However with 800 lumens Shadowhawk is definitely more powerful and is also packed with features for your convenience. However you also have to remember that it is more expensive than the other two flashlights.


Compare REVIEWS: Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam Review

Poorly made – Peter who bought Atomic Beam exposed in his review that the buttons on the flashlight broke before he knew it. He was shocked to see that the batteries and chargers that came with it were dangerous. The batteries were weak and not protected. He believes it’s a crap product and you are better off spending more money like $40 to buy better quality flashlights with 1000 lumens. According to him they would last you for years and not weeks, which is just what happens with this flashlight. That’s why he thinks it was a waste of his money.

False advertising – Arantxa who reviewed Atomic Beam revealed in her review that she found the part in the commercial where they put it between two cinder blocks and hit the top cinder block with a sledgehammer to be completely ridiculous. She thinks it’s a tell-tale sign of purposefully deceitful marketing because the blocks would absorb about 95% of the force. You wouldn’t even imagine what would happen if the slabs were made of concrete. She just thinks this false marketing is a sign of a poor product.

It’s overpriced – Karen who used Atomic Beam complained in her review that you can get same if not better quality lights on sites like eBay for $15 with free shipping from an US dealer. Those flashlights are delivered quickly and use 18650 batteries, which you can get easily. But with this flashlight you are left with the nuisance of changing AAA batteries constantly. For the hassle she believes the light is highly overpriced, especially when there are cheaper options out there.


Shadowhawk Review

It’s a scam – Alex who bought Shadowhawk exposed in his review that he bought 5 of these lights going by the advertising and discounted price. He says that he got scammed because firstly the returns policy for the light is just 3-8 days. When he saw the flashlights he thought they were nothing better than his 1990s flashlights. He called the company but they wouldn’t accept the returns. He is quite upset with the flashlights that are very poor and a waste of one’s time.

Not up to expectations – Garreth who used Shadowhawk complained in his review that he paid about $70 for these flashlights, because they claim to be 800 lumens. However his regular 200 lumens Slyder flashlight is a lot brighter. It also has magnetic back and whole room light, while it costs just $26. He thinks this flashlight is hardly brighter than the free giveaways at Harbor Freight. He recommends not opening them at all and hoping the best to get refunds from the company.

It is crap – Martino who reviewed Shadowhawk revealed in his review that it’s a piece of crap and believes the five star reviewers were either paid or work for the company. The charger and batteries don’t function, and when he called the company he got silly instructions on how to make them work. According to him it doesn’t work as advertised and you are better off buying good flashlights that do what they claim.

25 Comments on "Atomic Beam vs Tac Light vs Shadowhawk"

  1. What a mess of confusion with these reviews. Ahhh ??
    Now i don’t know which I’d want to buy. BUT… I bought 2 similars made by “Garberiel” that says on side of flashlight Garberiel G72 so my first ones to have / try. So i am impressed with so far. Site stated can charge at home & in car though i got no car charger adpt. so i need to look into that. I like the fact that i can plug charger into side of flashlight and charge the battery while it stays in place. This way i don’t loose the battery charging case 🙁
    The button is on the side of vs bottom of but bottom of has what looks like a glass breaking tool ?? it’s awesome bright + 5 modes + came as complete kit of wall charger.. rechargeable battery.. battery sleeve.. & flashlight of course which is replica of name brands 🙂 i bought 2 at 7.99 ea. & free ship only took 5-6 days from Ontario, Ca. to N.Y. so for under 20 bucks I’M GOOD.. I even left one on to see how long would last and after 1 1/2 hrs. i turned off but was still going strong. So now I’m going to order 2 more after i finish here. ::))
    PS – As one reviewer on here said if not sure what to do then just buy a Maglight and call it a day.. though imo for the under 20 i spent for 2 of was worth the risk & glad i did.. See ::)) Hope this helped in all the confusion.
    Good Luck to All & Happy Holidays.

  2. I carry the tactical flashlight for EMS training. Bought it, have had no problems whatsoever with it. Works great! Definitely the flashlight to get if you work at night.

  3. I seen the atomic beam and tact lite at walmart
    for the same price, I was wondering which was better, im probably not going to buy either one my biggest problem with flashlights is finding them and then if batteries are good. Not really how bright or indestructible they are. Really the flashlight app on my phone is my go to.

  4. I got the Atomic Beam at my local CVS. I compared it to all my other flashlights in my apartment in the dark at night. I used Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. It’s way brighter than all the others. I used the strobe, and i think it would stun an intruder enough for a 1-2 sec delay up close.

    • I agree. I have three quality led flashlights, including the Atomic Beam which I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think it is terrific. Have had it a few months with no issues or complaints. It outshines the others. Have read that it is 900 lumens. I believe it. It”s my go-to light.

  5. Well ive read a lot of neg reviews on the atomic beam and i simply must disagree! Being a elevator repair man having quality light is imperitive and for the money the atomic beam is a great light!! After spending hundreds on the very quality stream light products i find the atomic beam to give them a run for the money! Pretty tough! Dropped many times dn the shaft and still going strong!! Battery drain is an issue but considering lumin output its better than most other AAA flashlights! Geez for $20 what do you want? Comprable high output lights are $300 and rechargable batts are expensive and always needed to keep light fresh and bright!! I bought my first light from walgrens and i was so impressed i bought 2 more. Overall a big thumbs up for a cheap flashlight!!

  6. I bought all three The shadow came first by USPS, 9 weeks, slow boat from china with the rechargeable battery. The 18650 Battery is pure junk, and has been deemed by the N.S.C. as unsafe, and a fire hazard, plus is going to be band from sales in the USA. The flashlight is at best is a cheep knock-off of a older Brinkman that they put in a LED bulb.
    Then the Bell came by UPS 2.5 weeks. Okey It’s a little better on the shipping, slow compared to most items I order from E bay, or Amazon. Did not come with the rechargeable battery, that is also the 18650 L But of course I paid extra for it, and was told by C.S. it was on back order No Battery or charger has emerged as of yet , and still waiting after 3 months. A little different design but still a Brinkman knock-off. The switch is Chinese junk design, but I’ll get to that a little later.
    Last the Atomic came in. Oh boy it is really bright for about 9 minutes and declines from there rapidly, and the light lasted for about 1 hour and 50 minutes on full bright. On medium it lasted 2 hours 20 minutes on a full 9 hour charge, and on low I got on a full charge a whooping 3 hours and 11 minutes. Again they sent the 18650 junk battery, that has to be charged for a full 9 hours before it is fully charged.
    Now all these flashlights are constructed of the same material, They are hyped up junk and NOT military grade like advertised. If you were to buy a military grade flashlight you can bet your bottom dollar your going to pay for it. Like around 140 bucks.
    I took all the flashlights apart piece by piece to see the components used, and to look at the quality. Most of the parts are ether surplus, or seconds, except the LED’s, and the aluminum housings. All the inter components of all the flashlights are made in China or Taiwan. Sorry folks they just don’t make the components in the good ol US of A anymore. So as my Dad always said you get what you pay for and sometimes not, all too offten

    • stephen yhelka | July 9, 2017 at 7:16 am | Reply

      did you ever consider purchasing a GOOD, brand name 18650 battery instead of the garbage re-wraps you were talking about that came with the flashlights you ordered!? my atomic beam works excellent – the battery life is long (i use a samsung 2,500mAh 18650), and it was a steal w/my wellness card at riteaid for only like 16 bucks! but, i mean, you ordered the lights offa that “slow boat from china” so you knew 100% what you’d be getting – so why would you be upset the inner parts are foreign!? wasn’t that kinda obvious from the gate! anyway, i’m sure i got what i paid for, (and then some) b/c i purchased 2 more.

  7. I bought two Bell & Howell upgraded tactical flashlights. But I only received Triple-A batteries instead of the Lithium-ion batteries (upgrade) with chargers. And I had to wait 8 weeks to receive them!

  8. Ok, decided to buy a couple Atomic Beam flashlights. It’s 11-05-16. Just sending this to see if I can find this comment tomorrow. Sometimes reviews are fake! When I receive, I’ll write in here again with my actual review. ~Susan

  9. I purchased a tac-lite about three months ago. It works well, I average about an hour a day usage. It is very bright for about 15 minutes on fresh AAA batteries, then gradually dims. It eats batteries very fast. It seems well built, has not failed yet. I bought a Atomic Beam flashlight last weak. It appears to be identicle to the B&H Tac Light in construction and function. In my opinion, they are are both good and woth the $20.

  10. Atomic Beam is indeed simply “garbage”. When I received my product I open the back and everything simply fell apart. There were no batteries either. I was just leaving the country, so I could not do anything right away. My advice to potential customers is to steer clear of this garbage product and their false ads!

  11. Dennis,..can you share with us where you got that great deal for 5.

    Just to confirm, rec the Shadowhawk but not the atomic beam & Tac light right?

  12. Shoppers Beware!!!! What the makers of these Tac-Lights DON’T TELL you is that if you use these flashlights very much at all. THEY RUN THE 3 AAA BATTERIES DOWN VERY FAST!!!! If you are taking a Tac-light on a camping trip, You better take at least 12 or more extra batteries with you – and spend the extra price for heavy-duty. YOU CAN’T USE these flashlights all night without running the batteries down twice!

  13. Just goes to prove you can’t believe everything you read concerning reviews. I have both the Shadowhawk and the Atomic Beam. Both are great flashlights. Very sturdy!!! However the Atomic Beam is much brighter than the Shadowhawk. Judge for yourself and don’t believe the reviews you read. Remember, these reviewers could also be working for the competition!

    • But then how can we trust your review? Maybe YOU have a vested interest, So far I see all negative reviews.

    • Love my Atomic Beam. Don’t order a flashlight on line. Bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond. Got 20 percent discount and the light is stellar.

    • Agree with Scott. In descriptions above, it clearly states Atomic is up to 5,000 lumens, Shadow 800, & Tac 600. Then, reviewer IGNORES that and phrases recommendation to make Shadowhawke SOUND like it is the brightest. It is unclear to me if that’s because of stupidity or bribery.

      However, in order to put out between 625% and 833% of the light of the others, I would expect the Atomic to eat batteries faster than a ‘demon’ on “Ghost Adventures.” That’s probably why it has multiple choices of strength. Sounds like which is best depends upon individual’s varying needs.

      • You’ll have to look at the math yourself would take too long to explain….. 5,000 lux is the advertising for Atomic beam not lumens. The shadows 800 lumens is brighter. They’re all not military grade junk…. but they do work ok.

  14. Rocco Supino Jr | September 22, 2016 at 8:32 am | Reply

    Shadowhawk has a deal/buy 3 @29.00 ear & get two free/ rechargeable batteries are 15.00 ear with charger. However, when I ordered rechargeable batteries they sent w/o charger and had to wait additional until I receive chargers I have no idea of there use. But I do think Atomic Beam is a exact remake based on Shadowhawk. ..

  15. I bought three shadowhawk X800. I’m very pleased with them. Had a question for customer service. They were friendly and very informative. I also bought the three warranties. They came in a nice case easy to take camping. I have had only praise for the shadowhawk!

    Suzi Brown

  16. I bought two Tac lights, one for each of our cars, and while I was at the lake with my son he dropped his expensive pair of sunglasses in the water. Instantly I offered to let him use my Tac Light in the water and not only did he not find his glasses but the “waterproof” flashlight had water pouring out of every crevice. Upon inspection I found where there should be gaskets there were none. What customer service? They basically laughed at me when I wanted to send them back for a refund. Long story short, get a maglight and call it good!

  17. I bought both- 2 each. The upgraded Tac is exactly the same as the Atomic but at $10 more. They appear to be both actually made by the same factory- identical. Either can use 3x AAA’s OR the 18650 rechargeable. Tac offered the upgrade light w/ recharge batt and charger when I ordered but they “discontinued” that before shipping AND they still charged me the same amount w/out the battery/charger. So far, they have only shipped one light w/ the second coming later!! I teach concealed carry and personal protection so I am always recommending such lights. For the cost, the Atomic is very acceptable compared to the high priced pro tactical lights. Could be better but OK. The MUCH better buying choice is the 2 Atomics w/the Battery/charger option – still no ship charge.

  18. I bought five shadow hawk flash lights and had nothing but good news to report And only paid $5.95 each on a deal they had. This POS these guys are offering is nothing but trash. Do not buy them

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