Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Compare what is it? Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – It is a lightweight yet high-efficiency tactical flashlight that promises to illuminate your surroundings no matter how pitch dark.

Maglite – It claims to be a superior-quality flashlight with LED technology that illuminates the work-space with brightness and can be used by individuals and professionals alike. It can also be used as voltage detection.

SureFire – It’s a compact yet powerful flashlight that provides a bright and pre-focused 320-lumen output on setting and long runtime with 15-lumen low output.


Compare what to expect? Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – Compared to traditional flashlights of 125 Lux, expect 5000 Lux, that is, 40 times brighter light. Use the focus feature for super bright light from miles away, the powerful strobe to tackle intruders, or 2,000 times zoom function. It is a sturdy flashlight in spite of its compact profile.

A compact and lightweight flashlight that will last a lifetime thanks to its aluminum alloy that’s anodized inside out. Illuminate the work area with brightness or use it for voltage detection function. It intelligently balances brightness for extended battery life.

SureFire – Equip yourself with SureFire G2X Pro to get a bright and perfectly pre-focused light or low-output level. The high-performance LED practically does not fail because there is no filament that will burn out or break and it won’t run out of power when you’re far from civilization or during power outage. Get different light patterns, a comfortable and secure grip, durability and a wider beam with brilliant peripheral light.


Compare Features: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – The lightweight and ultra-bright tactical flashlight is ideal for emergencies and to stun intruders with its Strobe feature. Atomic Beam is 40 times brighter than traditional flashlights and has a 2000 times zoom function. You can see the super bright light from miles with its focus feature. The high-grade aircraft aluminum construction makes it sturdy and durable. It has five preset modes – High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS.

Maglite – Built for individual as well as professional use, Maglite uses advanced LED technology, which is indestructible and better than incandescent bulbs. It convinces to use “Intelligent Energy Source Management” that balances high brightness for extended battery life. A user can adjust the beam from spot to flood by rotating the head. The lightweight flashlight is water and shock resistant thanks to the high-strength aluminum alloy that’s anodized inside and out and diamond knurl design. Both openings have superior-grade O-rings to protect the batteries from water. Get the indication of voltage by the visual LED bar graph; more LEDs light up the higher the voltage or the closer to the voltage source.

SureFire – The compact yet powerful flashlight SureFire provides two output levels – a super bright pre-focused illumination and a low level light for longer runtime. The practically indestructible LED emitter of the flashlight states to be regulated to maximize light output and runtime. It features a Precision micro-textured reflector that provides smooth and optimized beam. The durable SureFire has tough poly-carbonate window that resists impact, tough patented Nitrolon body and anodized aluminum bezel. Its dual-output Tail-cap click switch can give momentary-on low, constant-on low, and High output. SureFire is weatherproof with O-ring and gasket sealed. It runs on two 123A batteries that provide twice the output than alkaline batteries.


Compare luminosity (lumens): Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – Up to 5,000 lux

Maglite – 168 lumens

SureFire – 320 lumens on High setting and 15 lumens on Low setting.


Compare Illumination Range: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – It gives illumination till many miles.

Maglite – 412 m

SureFire – No Information


Compare lens: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – No Information

Maglite – No Information

SureFire – The polycarbonate micro-textured reflector of the flashlight delivers a relatively wider beam with larger peripheral light.


Compare settings: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – It has five settings – High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS.

Maglite – Spot light and Flood light.

SureFire – High and Low outputs


Compare patterns: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – Its five preset modes include – high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS.

Maglite – It gives spot to flood light just by rotating the head.

SureFire – The flashlight primarily has a pre-focused high beam and a low-output setting. More patterns include momentary-on low and constant-on low.


Compare Material: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – High-quality aircraft aluminum that lends it durability.

Maglite – High-strength aluminum alloy

SureFire – Tough polycarbonate window that resists impact and tough patented Nitrolon body and anodized aluminum bezel.


Compare Batteries: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – It runs on 3 AAA batteries.

Maglite – 3 D-type batteries

SureFire – It uses two 123A lithium batteries that have a shelf life of 10 years and 3V, twice as powerful as alkaline batteries.


Compare Power Source: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam, Maglite and SureFire all use batteries as power source.


Compare Battery Life Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – It gives a few hours of illumination on regular use.

Maglite – Extended battery life

SureFire – On the High setting with 320 lumens it lasts for 2.75 hours and on Low setting of 15 lumens for 45 hours.


Is it rechargeable?: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam, Maglite and SureFire are all rechargeable in the sense the batteries they use are rechargeable.


Compare Dimensions: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – Length 5.25” and width 1.50”

Maglite – 12.3 x 1.6 x 2.2 inches

SureFire – Length 5.2”, Bezel Diameter 1.25”, Body Diameter 1”


Compare Weight: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – 1.38 lbs

Maglite – 0.94 lbs

SureFire – 4.4 oz


Compare Price: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam – $19.99

Maglite – $29.79

SureFire – $70


Compare REVIEWS: Atomic Beam vs Maglite vs SureFire

Atomic Beam Review

A reviewer of Atomic Beam says that the flashlight is very bright but the tailcap button broke in less than a week and it was extremely difficult to get their money back. They ordered other flashlights with batteries and chargers a much cheaper rate and think Atomic Beam is a rip-off. They add that similar cheap flashlight is available online along with shipping charges for the fraction of the price of Atomic. Another user doubts that it can withstand boiling water like it claims since it has rechargeable battery. One customer says that flashlights of equal or better quality are available at better prices. Unlike Atomic Beam they also use batteries that can be bought anywhere easily. With this flashlight you will constantly be changing batteries so one must be smart about buying it.

As per another reviewer, it is not a unique flashlight but the only one that has 5000 Lumens of power. There are other good options available. There are also possibilities of back order, high shipping, and false advertisement according to the reviewer. Another user reveals that they are suspicious of the flashlight. That is because high-end flashlights don’t measure illumination in lux and it is an inaccurate way to measure light output. They add that they have flashlight that illuminate at night for miles and these are the same size as Atomic Beam but the output is measured in lumens, which is a more accurate way to measure light output and no other manufacturer uses candle power or lux to measure it.


Maglite Review

One reviewer of Maglite says that the flashlight is well-built enough to endure rough usage and a great value but it only gives moderate brightness. It does not produce the narrow-focused beam even though it lights up the night and is excellent as a weapon. Another reviewer also complains that it’s not as bright as they thought and smaller flashlights are brighter. Its casing is strong and durable, making it a good deal for the price. One user says that the color has a hint of purple and is not as deep as shows in the photo. Another reviewer calls it old technology but one that works and doubles as a weapon.

According to one reviewer the light is quite good at the low cost and much better than standard halogen bulbs with a white color output. The construction is durable and tough enough for daily use. With normal use the battery life will be long. Its focusing ability gives a very small focused spot that goes far. On the downside is that with wide beam one can see rings of light. One customer found it very bright and its focusing beam very useful. They dropped the flashlight in water and it was still somewhat functional proving that it is water-resistant. However, it became very dim and useless, thought it was in the water for about 5 minutes and had a pH of 11 that must have been beyond the intended exposure. They had that it may last forever in the garage, but not for industrial use.



A reviewer Alberto reveals that he recently bought SureFire and has overall been happy with it. It has a nice beam profile and hotspot with enough of spill light, making it very useful. The high 200 lumen is bright enough for any use and the low 15 lumen works well indoors, though for some tasks it is too bright. The Li-ion rechargeable RCR123 battery has a longish life and works fine. The head shape of the flashlight prevents it from rolling off a table and the plastic body is comfortable to be held between teeth for hands-free tasks. He adds that it has a small bezel crenelation on the head to indicate if the light is on when placed head down. The Forward switch provides momentary-on mode without having to click it on. You will get better color rendition than regular bluish LED on Low mode, even though it is not incandescent bulb level.

Alberto complains that SureFire does not have a pocket clip and it cannot stand like a candle on a table. He adds that the wide head and narrow body provide an awkward grip, especially for big hands. There are single-battery flashlights that are smaller and yet provide brighter illumination while being more comfortable to handle. The On button of SureFire should have been on the head or it should have had a more constant body width. The reviewer thinks that a sequence of quick clicks for different brightness to change light output is outdated in. At the full price, SureFire is quite expensive.

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