Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Compare What is it? Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air: It is a cosmetic airbrush system that claims to have its advantages for beginners and professionals alike.

Dinair: It is the perfect airbrush kit for beginners who want to get professional quality makeup results from the comforts of their homes.

Belloccio: It is a cosmetic makeup airbrush and compressor system that promises to give flawless looks without too much effort in a matter of minutes.


Compare How does it work? Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air: The secret of Art of Air lies in the fact that it was designed keeping in mind the needs of a professional makeup artist while being easy to use for beginners as well. The formulas used here promise to ensure a completely flawless look, which is also completely natural and seamless all day.


Dinair: With its basic compressor and CX airbrush, this makeup system maintains that you will be kept in control of things as all times as you get the perfect flawless look you want. The kit comes with an instruction manual, colour charts, practice sheets and a complimentary makeup colour so that you perfect the art of airbrush.


Belloccio: The smartly designed makeup airbrush and compressor system ensures that you can start using it without too much hassle and get the results you want sooner rather than later. The water based foundation brings the best out of your skin. It also has several important properties including the fact that it contains anti aging antioxidants and moisturizers that work wonders for your skin.


Compare What to expect? Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air: It offers beginners a simple and smart way to get a flawless look at home. Professionals can make the most out of it because of the precision results it offers them.

Dinair: While it offers beginners convenience, the results ensure that professionals can make the most out of this kit too. It assures that you get maximum coverage, all day long.

Belloccio: It lets you get professional quality results while letting your skin shine, from the comforts for your home. It offers you maximum coverage and a look that lasts through the day.


Compare Airbrush: Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air: It is backed by a professional precision single action gravity feed brush that has a 0.4 mm tip and 1/16 oz cup. This airbrush has been designed to offer an ultra fine mist of makeup so that you get the soft, flawless complexion you want.

Dinair: It comes with a CX airbrush.

Belloccio: The airbrush and compressor system comes with a 1 year warranty. The airbrush has been designed to apply makeup in a fine mist that sits on your skin without clogging pores.


Compare Shades: Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air: It comes in 6 shades; Golden olive, honey, sand, buff beige, suntan glo and mocha.

Dinair: It is available in three shades; fair, medium and tan or dark.

Belloccio: 4 Medium skin tones with pink, yellow and olive undertones while colours include beige, ivory, golden tan and cappuccino.


Compare What do I get? Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air: Super Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor with Fully Adjustable Airflow Control Settings, Professional Precision Single-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush, Fair to Medium Tone Makeup Foundation Set, Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer, Tropical Bronzer, Papaya Blush, Pearl Shimmer Highlighter, Airbrush Cleaner and a Deluxe Carrying Bag.

Dinair: Basic Compressor (Manual Control), Pro Grip System, 3-Shade Foundation Set; Fair, Medium, Tan, or Dark, Moist & Dewy Spray-on Moisturizer, Airbrush Cleaner (1oz.), Instructional Guide & DVD, Basic Compressor in Black.

Belloccio: Cosmetic Makeup Airbrush and Compressor System, Medium Shade Airbrush Makeup Foundation Set, Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer, Blush, Shimmer and Bronzer Shade Set, Free Blush Bronzer Seasonal Shade, Free Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Getting Started Guide DVD, Opulence Premium Sunless Tanning Solution, Airbrush Cleaner, Limited edition cosmetic carry bag and user guide manual.


Compare Price: Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air: You can buy it for $99.99.

Dinair: It is available for $99.

Belloccio: You can buy it for $119.96.

Verdict: All three airbrush systems are easy to use and give good quality results, but Belloccio is definitely a class apart. We are impressed by the water based foundations that bring out the best of your skin. The airbrush and compressor also come with a one year warranty, which says a lot about their quality. For us, Belloccio is the clear winner and you wouldn’t mind spending a bit more than the other systems for it because you get your money’s worth.


Compare Reviews: Art of Air vs Dinair vs Belloccio

Art of Air REVIEW

Has serious limitations – Lena who used Art of Air complained in her review that though it works okay there are problems like when water touches your face, it fades away leaving behind blank spots. It is clearly a very delicate makeup system and a few tears can make it wash away. That’s a disaster if you are at a funeral or have an emotional moment for that matter. She wishes it wasn’t so weak and that’s why she thinks it’s not worth the money.

Not worth the price – Suzanne who reviewed Art of Air revealed in her review that she had used such airbrush systems before but none of them was so expensive. So she started using it with much hope and expectation but realized that it wasn’t well made at all. The gun breaks before you know it and replacing it becomes a task. She recommends buying the cheap systems from a local store because they give similar results anyway.

Poor quality makeup – Shanaya who bought Art of Air exposed in her review that though the compressor works well the makeup itself is of very poor quality. Even if you touch your eyes or there is a minor disturbance, the makeup starts coming off. According to her it’s a good idea to buy guns, air pump and hose separately because they are generic items and will cost a lot less. But there is nothing you can do about the makeup, which will peel off at the place you touch it. The makeup also runs under moisture, which is a nuisance because if you get sweaty, it looks like you have little drops of milk splashed on your face. She now uses it only when she wants to experiment with makeup and test shades because using it when you want to go out is not worth it.



Trashy product – Ria who used Dinair complained in her review that it is a tacky product that is just not worth its price. To begin with she was shocked to see that the compressor completely fell apart in a few months. When she got it replaced, she had another misfortune as the airbrush stopped working. It cost her over $20 to get it cleaned and the repairs done. She discovered that the problem was seal breakdown at the tip inside the tip cap, which made the air brush back bubble. According to her it’s a design flaw, which she wishes they had fixed.

Decent machine, terrible foundation – Emma who reviewed Dinair revealed in her review that the machine worked fine and there was decent coverage as well. She got her makeup done in a few minutes and was happy to step out. But then it all went downhill because her makeup began to flake in about 20 minutes. It also had an annoying orange hue. She had followed the instructions perfectly and tried every trick in the book but got same results every single time. She finds it unfortunate because the system itself is not so bad but the makeup totally messes it up.

Doesn’t last long – Sharon who bought Dinair exposed in her review that everything was good with this airbrush system when she bought it. But then in a matter of couple of months the whole thing fell apart. She tried calling customer service but they weren’t helpful at all and finally she managed to get it repaired. But within a few weeks it broke again, which makes her think it is a poorly made product. It cost her lot of money, so a decent quality product was expected but that it isn’t.


Belloccio REVIEW

Works well but with some issues – Jen who used Belloccio complained in her review that though the airbrush system worked okay there were a few problems to deal with. Firstly, according to her you need a lot of makeup to get coverage for full face unlike what you see in the misleading infomercial. She did a lot of research about the airbrush systems and found them to be very useful and that’s the reason she bought them in the first place. She was not disappointed with the ease of use, which is where it works according to its claims. She has skin conditions like acne but was surprised to see how well it worked initially. But then the problems started as it wouldn’t spray like it was supposed to. After a few uses, she had to move the trigger back and forth to ensure that it sprayed. This is how it has remained since then, which is annoying for her because she did everything she was asked for and followed the instructions to the T. Finally she gave up when she was left with a burning forearm and couldn’t deal with it anymore. She wishes she could still return the airbrush system.

Faulty product, poor customer service – Sheryl who reviewed Belloccio exposed in her review that it is not a well made product and the airbrush doesn’t always work. The needle was bent in the unit when she received it. When she called the customer service number she was given, she was told that she didn’t know what she was doing. Finally, after several attempts she managed to get a sympathetic voice on the phone and was sent a replacement airbrush and needles. Since then it has worked a few times but not always. When it was working she tried on the makeup shades and they are great; there is enough to choose from. So for her the problem really lies with the machine that is not well made at all. The worst part is the customer service that treated her like a moron who didn’t have a clue about these systems and that was a huge letdown for her.

Not a long term use product – Petra who used Belloccio revealed in her review that it works well initially but problems start sooner rather than later, which makes her believe that this airbrush system is not made for long term use. Initially the compressor works fine though it takes some time to get used to it. But then you don’t get the same type of results after a few uses and the functioning of the airbrush gets progressively worse. It is definitely not worth the price for her. Another problem for her was the makeup, which doesn’t give flawless coverage as it claims. She also thinks that the foundation is a bit sticky, which adds to the woes because it is very difficult to clean. The system comes with a cleaner but even then it is difficult to clean. You just wish there was a different water based foundation with it.

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