5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator Review

Compare What is it? 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

What is 5 minute shaper? – 5 Minute Shaper is an all-in-one body sculpting equipment that gives the perfect combination of cardio exercise and muscle toning to give a toned body with just 5 minutes of use a day.

What is Ab Coaster? – Ab Coaster is an exercise equipment that revolutionizes abs workout. Unlike crunches and other exercises, it does not work the abs from top to bottom but from bottom to top so that you do not strain your neck and back.

What is Fitmaxx 5?Fitmaxx 5 is a fitness training equipment that lets you get the perfect figure and toned body right at home by combining cardio and power training.

What is Ab GeneratorAb Generator is an exercise equipment that helps you get into shape fast and easy right at home by using just 5 minutes a day.


Compare How does it work? 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

How does 5 minute shaper work? – The equipment combines Yoga plank position and sit-ups to make for effective core building exercise. You just need to rest your knees on the soft pads and hold the handle grips, lift the body to create and arch and release it. The movement fires up the entire body – legs and arms, back, abs, and buttocks.

How does Ab Coaster work? – Ab Coaster has a patented design that works in combination with the plate-loading resistance system to engage the exerciser’s abs from start to finish. It has a natural arc motion that targets the entire abdominal region. With every repetition you get a constant core contraction and the multi-angle seat gives a complete abdominal workout by adjusting to target your obliques at every angle. The equipment lets anyone from a beginner to professional athlete or health club member get the best abs effectively.

How does Fitmaxx 5 work? – It gives specially developed movement sequences that are a combination of Yoga and Power Training to target all the muscle groups of your body simultaneously and give you workout of abdomen, legs, arms, glutes, and back.

How does Ab Generator work? – It combines cardio and body toning. By using a combination of Yoga plank pose and sit-ups, the equipment trains your abdominal muscles, strengthens upper arms, shapes your legs and gives you sexy buttocks.

Compare Features and Benefits: 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

5 minute shaper Features and Benefits – Getting in shape takes just 5 minutes of your time each day with this quickest, easiest and most convenient workout equipment. The equipment combines cardio and toning to let you burn calories quickly and get great shape. It has a soft knee pad and comfortable handle grips, exercise monitor to keep track of time, number of reps and calories you burn. Working out on the equipment doesn’t strain your neck and back.

Ab Coaster Features and Benefits – Ab Coaster lets you get perfect abs workout right at home in lesser time. It has a heavy-duty steel frame, vinyl covered foamed pads that make workout comfortable and equipment durable, 3-Position adjustable seat, and freestyle seat to let you work out on your entire abdominal region. With very rep your abdominal region gets a perfect workout so that your get dashboard abs. It is easily transportable with its front roller wheels. You can easily add 20 lbs of resistance to get advanced fitness level.

Fitmaxx 5 Features and Benefits – You can get the fitness results of sports courses or expensive power training gym right at home and quickly. Fitmaxx 5 works on almost the entire body. The equipment can be moved up and down, it is easily foldable to save space, and it includes a training computer to get an overview of your daily achievement.

Ab Generator Features and Benefits – You can burn fat and tone your body in just 5 minutes a day within a few weeks by using the equipment. It combines yoga plank position and sit-ups to give you core building workout and get cardio and toning in just one motion. The multifunction computer lets you track your progress and achieve goals easily.

Compare Exercises: 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

5 minute shaper Exercises – The equipment combines Yoga Plank position and sit-ups that result in great core building exercise that target the entire body – back, legs and arms, abs, and bun.

Ab Coaster Exercises – It lets you do Forward Lift, Side Lift and Freestyle motion and work out at different angles like targeting the obliques by a simple adjustment of the knee pad.

Fitmaxx 5 Exercises – Its specially developed movements sequences are a clever combination of Yoga, stamina and power training. It works on almost all muscle groups to give you shaped arms and legs, back, flat abs and a perfect bottom.

Ab Generator Exercises – The exercise is a combination of Yoga plank poses and sit-ups that creates great core building workout and targets all the major muscle groups simultaneously to work on abs, legs and arms, back, thighs, and bottom.


Compare Resistance Levels: 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

5 minute shaper – It has four levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Intense with different angles.

Ab Coaster – The weight plate posts let you add up to 20 lbs of resistance for advanced fitness levels.

Fitmaxx 5 – It has a 5-intensity level with different angles that provide the optimal level of training for anyone from a beginner to an advanced user.

Ab Generator – It has 4 levels – Beginner, Moderate, Advanced and Intensive for trained athletes.


Compare MAX User Weight Supported: 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

5 minute shaper – 100 kg

Ab Coaster – Up to 300 lbs

Fitmaxx 5 – 100 kg

Ab Generator – 110 kg


Compare Dimensions: 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

5 minute shaper – 120× 55× 86CM

Ab Coaster – 51X21X50

Fitmaxx 5 – 116 x 55 x 69 cm

Ab Generator – 116 x 55 x 69 cm


Compare Weight

5 minute shaper – 10 kg

Ab Coaster – 70 lbs

Fitmaxx 5 – 10 Kg

Ab Generator – 8 Kg


Does it need to be assembled?

5 minute shaper – Yes

Ab Coaster – Yes. The assembly is easy

Fitmaxx 5 – Yes

Ab Generator – Yes, minimal assembly

Compare Reviews/Complaints: 5 minute shaper vs Ab Coaster vs Fitmaxx 5 vs Ab Generator

5 minute shaper Reviews/Complaints

A user of 5 Minutes Shaper reviews losing weight and toning muscles with 5 minutes seemed impossible. But ever since the customer has got the exercise equipment, they have been at it diligently. However, they also add that the bands provided with the equipment snapped after a couple of uses and should be avoided.

Ab Coaster Reviews/Complaints

Ab Coaster is a sturdy and durable equipment and it doesn’t stress the back and neck even if the user is overweight. It targets the upper and lower abs and even sides. But, its rollers are lined up poorly with the rails and it tends to hurt the lower back if you do fast reps.

Fitmaxx 5 Reviews/Complaints

It tones the body and gives great cardio workout. It’s difficult to work out on it for 5 minutes straight. It’s constructed of cheap plastic material that comes apart.


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