22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X Base

Compare features: 22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: Firstly, the program claims it has been specially created to have no complicated steps so that it can be followed easily by beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. It however stresses that the pace of the moves has to be followed to get a full body workout that will bring results. In fact, it claims that with an intense 22 minute workout for eight weeks, you can transform your body and get into the shape of your life. As you follow the veterans on the videos, you are inspired to get the perfect, intense workout for you.

P90X: For starters, the workout program is based on the advanced science of Muscle Confusion, and ensures that your body keeps changing throughout the period of 90 days and after it as well. It tells you how and when to change your routines to get optimum results. As a part of Muscle Confusion, it uses targeted training phases so that your body keeps growing and adapting. Since your body doesn’t get used to the movements, you never plateau and keep making improvements.


Compare what to expect :22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: Every day you will alternate between functional resistance, cardio and core-focused workouts, which will not only keep things interesting but bring results that you were looking for. You will get into the best shape of your life with this intense workout that is not complicated to follow.

P90X: Here you can expect short training cycles that constantly challenge your muscles with variety and intensity. It also claims to maximize fat burning and muscle building every day. Along with the carefully designed nutrition plan it can ensure that you lose fat, gain lean muscle and boost your energy too.


Compare methodology/science :22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: It is a fitness program from renowned trainer Tony Horton, who has travelled across military bases helping troops train to maximum fitness, and Beachbody. Inspired by the benefits of basic training, Tony decided to bring military style workouts for everyone. The full body workout requires you to use every single muscle in just 22 minutes.

P90X: It is a complete 90 day home fitness system that has been designed by trainer Tony Horton, and is based on the advanced science of Muscle Confusion. There are 12 intense workouts that use resistance, body weight training, cardio, ab work, plyometrics, martial arts, yoga as well as a nutrition plan to ensure that you get the perfect body you have always wanted.


Compare exercises :22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: It promises to be inspired by the simplicity of basic training and offers you fitness exercises of increasing levels through a period of 8 weeks. Your 22 minute of workout will include 3 Resistance Workouts, 3 Cardio Workouts and 2 Core Workouts. The workouts have been set to cadence, as you would see in military style boot camps.

P90X: It contains 12 very diverse and Intense P90X workouts for different parts of your body. They include Chest & Back, Plyometrics, Shoulders and Arms, Yoga X, Legs and Back, Kenpo X, X Stretch, Core Synergistics, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back And Biceps, Cardio X and Ab Ripper X.


Compare calories burnt:22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: The cardio routines claim to burn 300 to 320 calories. Resistance training routines burn 280-290 calories. Core exercises burn around 100 calories.

P90X: According to the claims it burns 500 to 600 calories, but actual users report much lesser. For an average sized person P90X Chest and Back routines burn 300 to 350 calories, Plyometrics burn around 400 calories, Shoulder and Arms burn around 320 calories, Yoga X burn around 400 calories, Legs & Back claims to burn around 400 calories, Kenpo X burns 400 calories approx, X-Stretch burns around 200 calories, Core Synergistics burns 400 to 500 calories, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps burn 400 to 450 calories, Back and Biceps burn 350 to 400 calories, Cardio X burns around 500 calories, Ab ripper X burns 200 calories.


Compare duration :22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: You follow a 22 minute workout for 8 weeks.

P90X: You can spend about an hour a day for different workouts through six days a week for the period of 90 days.


Compare equipment needed :22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: You might need a pull-up bar or resistance band with door attachment for some workouts. You also need PT sandbags that are included in the kit.

P90X: You need a set of dumbbells or a resistance band and pull up bar.


Compare price :22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

22 Minute Hard Corps: You can buy it for $39.90.

P90X: It is available for $329.55.


Verdict :22 Minute Hard Corps vs P90X

While 22 Minute Hard Corps is quick and intense, P90X is more comprehensive and carefully chalked out for people who can workout at home and get all round results. It might be more expensive of the two, but the results are what make it worth it and the winner for us.


P90X Reviews

It works but can be difficult to follow
Terri who used P90X revealed in her review that it is just perfect for women and those who are trying to lose weight, and build lean muscle. According to her, the weight based program with high impact cardio is also perfect for those who just want to get into better shape. However she believes that it could also be taxing for an average person, who might struggle to sustain it for a three month period. Even men who are not used to bodybuilding type of exercises can find the heavy lifting difficult.

Brings results but not enough instructions
Alan who reviewed P90X revealed in his review that it is ideal for those who want to become lean. He thinks that 12 separate disks with targeted programs is a smart move because you can work towards your specific goals. He was also happy that he was offered expert’s insight and that let him utilize it to his advantage. Unfortunately he found that there weren’t enough instructions for lifting techniques and is worried that it could lead to injuries. One also has to remember that it is not really a strength building program.

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