Total Gym Supreme vs XLS vs Force Review

Compare Features: Total Gym Supreme vs XLS vs Force Total Gym Supreme Includes Total Gym Supreme, six accessory attachments, four workout DVDs, workout and nutrition guide, and Rosalie’s fitspiration Six accessory attachments: two-piece ab crunch, two ankle cuff leg pullies, squat stand, and tri-grip shaper bar Four DVDs: Total Gym Basic Workout with Rosalie, Rosalie’s […]

Jungle Gym XT vs. TRX Tactical Gym

What is it? The Jungle Gym XT and the TRX Tactical Gym Suspension Trainer are both suspension trainers designed to give you a total body workout, from head to toe.   How does it work? Jungle Gym uses your own body weight for an incredible set of exercises that work your entire body. The split […]

Legxercise vs Happy Legs

Compare what is it? Legxercise vs Happy Legs Legxercise: It is a leg exercising machine that will keep them in movement while you are seated. You can get the benefits of passive gym while you are seated at home or work without any actual physical effort because of its motorized continuous reciprocating movement. Happy Legs: […]

InnoTV vs LeapTV

Compare what is it? InnoTV vs LeapTV InnoTV: It is an educational TV connected system that makes it easier and fun for a preschooler to learn language arts, math, science and other subjects. Parents can also play with their kids to have an educational, engaging bonding exercise. LeapTV: It is an educational, active video gaming […]

Eustachi vs EarPopper

Compare what is it? Eustachi vs EarPopper Eustachi: It is a Eustachian Tube conditioner that unblocks plugged ears be exercising these tubes. All you have to do is swallow, and the conditioner will do the rest for you quickly, safely and easily. EarPopper: It has been clinically proven to clear negative air pressure in your […]